Movie Experience Package

Movie Experience Package


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My Cousin Vinny's Rentals - bounce house rentals and slides for parties in Johnston
Single Day Two Day Rental
$600.00 $840.00

Outlets: Requires (1) Standard 110V Household Outlet


The Movie Experience Pagckage includes:

  • (1) Inflatable Screen
  • (1) Powered Speaker
  • (1) Projector
  • (1) Stereo Mixer
  • (1) DVD Player (Non-Blu-ray DVD's)

Renter is fully responsible for tear down. Instructions will be given upon dropoff.

Set Up Instructions:

1. Start the set up process by making sure none of the equiptment is plugged in. Pluging in cables while the eletronics are on could blow the speakers.

2. Connect the (2) longest black XLR cables to the back of the speakers and run them to the STEREO OUT ports on the stereo mixer. This will transfer the sound from the stereo mixer to the powered speakers.

3.Connect the RCA short double cable to the back of the dvd player, and run them to the 3/4 LINE ports on the stereo mixer. This will transfer the sound from the DVD player to the powered speakers.

4. Connect the single RCA cable to the back of the video output on the dvd player and run to the video out port on the DVD player. This will take the video from the DVD player and send it to the projector.

5. Power on speakers, dvd player, stereo mixer, and projector


Tear Down Instructions:

1. Be sure that volume on powered mixer is turned all the way down.

2. Turn off each accessory one at a time. 

3. Unplug each cable and store in provided container

4. Once Inflatable Sceen is deflated, unstake, and place back into provided storage bag

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