Different Types of Water Side to Rent

Water slides are a fun and healthy way to beat the heat this summer. They are available in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for every age group. They are available in small, medium, and large sizes that can accommodate multiple people at a given time. Nowadays, renting water slides for a party has become a norm as various companies are offering the services. Moreover, you can accommodate these water slides quickly in your backyard, and you can choose the slide's size accordingly.

Before looking at our selection of bounce house rentals available to choose from, let us view some points that you need to look after while renting a water slide.

- You must take into consideration the available space. Let the rental company know about the dimensions and choose accordingly
- The difference in price ranges. The price for the water slides increases and decreases with the size.
- Endless shapes and designs are available in the market. Therefore, you must choose according to the number and age of the kids (or adults).
- Picking out of the box. To make it memorable for your kids, you must go for a water slide that stands out.
- You should make sure that the slide that you choose is safe for the kids. Majorly every slide today is made of PVC or chemical-grade nylon, which are long-lasting and reliable.

Now, let us look at multiple options to choose from while opting for a water slide rental.

Upright water slides

These are the water slides that are in a vertical shape. They are the most common type of slides available to rent out. These both come in multiple sizes and shapes as well. Suitable for kids and adults alike, upright water slights will provide the adrenaline rush required to beat the summer heat this season.

Competitive type of Water Slide

These are becoming quite popular nowadays. Slip and slide is an excellent example of backyard sports. This sport is gaining popularity among adults as they can compete on this slide. Here you can compete in a race with your opponent side by side. Not only for adults, but this slide is fun and safe for kids as well.

Combination water slides

To take things a notch higher, you can choose a combination of water slides and bounce houses. Bounce houses are inflatable houses suitable for backyard parties, and adding water slides to a bounce house would only increase the fun. Many rental companies are offering this type of combination these days.

With these options, you can convert your backyard party to a water park in no time. It is not only budget-friendly but a great way to reward yourself and the kids as well. In the present lockdown period, the entire world is going through the Covid-19 threat and crucial time. Renting water slides would release some stress and divert your loved onesâ⢠minds from this pandemic. All in all, your familyââ¢s safety should be of the utmost importance. We offer the best waterslide rentals you can find around the state of Rhode Island !
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